Children playing a game outdoors


St Augustine’s CE Primary School, Westminster

Year 6 had a wonderful week away at Outward Bounds. The children showed a lot of resilience and were very supportive and inclusive of each other. Our instructor was brilliant, very calm and patient with all the children, particularly those who find listening carefully a challenge! On the last day, our kids made an amazing presentation to the other classes, performing a song about their experiences. Even the quieter children really came out of their shells. All of them would have liked to stay another week – it was a fantastic trip creating lifelong memories.

Camden Music ensemble trip to Cardiff

Our aims were to provide the students with an opportunity to grow in confidence and develop a greater degree of independence, and to spend a good amount of time making music. In Cardiff we were able to spend 4-5 hours every day in rehearsal. A newly formed Orchestra Committee selected the items for the homecoming concert, arranged the programme and worked out the logistics of presenting it in a confined space. The concert took place at Camden School for Girls, for an audience of parents, a mere two hours after our arrival back.

I am deeply indebted to the Philological Foundation. Though the past 4 years have been as challenging as they were rewarding, I am proud to say that I have graduated with a First Class from my university. This significant achievement would not have at all been possible without the help and support of such a benevolent foundation. This trust helps students to achieve by allowing them to focus on purely on their education, despite coming from such disadvantaged backgrounds, and that is why I am so grateful for The Philological Foundation.Whilst the layout of the year is very different and can be frustrating at times, I feel that I have done as much as I can to make the best of the situation. This has been hugely helped by my studio-standard recording equipment, the purchase of which was facilitated by the Philological Foundation. This resource has really made all the difference to my studies and development this year.

Caitlin, Biochemistry degree at the University of Birmingham

The philological foundation grant has provided me financial support towards my studies and placements. I was able to purchase textbooks and studying materials with this grant for this academic year. As I live further away from my university, the grant provided addition support to my travel costs to and from my university. I was also able to use the funding to support my travel expenses to and from my medical placements. The grant also contributed towards the payment of my rent, food and provided me with the basic necessities whilst studying.  As mentioned, the funding you have provided has helped me a lot over this semester

Student studying pharmacy

The grant was used a funding towards my second year of architecture school. It has helped towards software costs such as rhino 7 which was essential for 3D drawings and renewing my creative cloud subscription so that I could create my portfolio as well as render my architectural drawings. The cost was also used on transportation, museum and gallery visits as well as any difficulties with my laptop such as warranty and a new charger.

Shahenu, studying architecture at the University of Arts, London

I would like to thank The Philological Foundation immensely for your invaluable support in my first term of my training and for easing the pressure of financial difficulties. I am very thankful that this support will continue into the next term so that I can continue to priorities my progress as an actor.

Klara, postgraduate degree at The Oxford School of Drama