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Privacy Statement

If you are visiting the site as a guest (i.e. if you have not registered with us) we do not ask for any personal information.

If you apply for a grant by sending us a  form by post or as an email attachment, we encourage you to register with us so that we can contact you by email and SMS text if we need to. The personal information we ask for is: name, email address and telephone number(s). If you want to participate in our blog, you must register with a user name and email address.

If you apply for a grant on-line (available later this year) you must register. You will be able to retrieve and amend your application and attach supporting documents, up to a cut-off date when the trustees consider your application.

If your application is successful, then, after you have used your grant, we shall ask you to let us know what you did with it. We will publish a selection of these responses on the web site, to inform and encourage other applicants. If you are registered with us, you will be able to submit your report on-line, and to retrieve and update it.

You may close your registered account at any time. For administrative purposes, including our reports to the Charity Commission, we shall retain applications, details of grants awarded and reports of how grants were used.

We shall do our best to protect your privacy by using security technology. For example, when you use a page that collects or displays personal or confidential information, you will see that the web address starts with ‘htpps://’ and has a padlock symbol displayed next to it. This indicates that you are using a secure, encrypted connection.

We are not responsible for security and privacy on external web sites that may be accessed from ours (for example, by following a link in a report of how a grant was used).

We may share information about your application with other charities. We will not share your personal information with any other third parties, except as may be required by relevant laws and government requests.

You may also want to look at our Cookies page.

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